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Have any questions about management, philosophy, education, literature, yoga, mountaineering in India, or psychological issues or all of these?

Disclaimer:The responses in this column given by me are based on my learnings and experience. They should, by no means, be taken as a substitute for medical/professional help.

    1. Respected Sir,
      Greetings !
      I have heard a lot about your sessions from my mentors, Prof. Neelu Rohmetra and Prof. B .C. Sharma. Prof. Rohmetra has been my PhD supervisor. I wish to invite you for a workshop at our Institute in Delhi. sometime in the summer months in 2018 on dates suitable to you . RDIAS is a B School affiliated to GGSIPU, with a NAAC A+ accreditation.
      We would be privileged to have you over sir.

    2. Respected Sir
      I am working with an IIM in administrative position from last 5 year. Now my age is 40 and I am having Ph.D. degree from a Govt. state university. I am passionate about to become faculty in IIM or IIT. I have published three research paper in the International Journal.
      My communication is not so well. I have done Ph.D. in OB and HR area.
      Do I need to again enroll for FPM/EFPM from any IIM?
      Please suggest.
      Best regards

      1. You need not do another PhD but you need to get some very good publications under your belt. Publish in some top journals and/or seek postdoctoral opportunities in good institutions, and then apply to IIM/IITs. Work on your communication skills by reading and writing more; its just a matter of practice.

    3. I started meditation in April 2017, following vipassana technique of mindfulness. Initially duration was 5 minutes a day, but from 29th sept, 2017, I have increased it to 10 minutes. Earlier I coupled meditation with 30 minutes yoga practice . And from 26th Sept I practice surya namaskar(4-5 rounds) before meditation. From 18th oct 2017 I am experiencing unusual things which are as follows:
      I usually dont sleep at night because I dont feel like sleeping, so at 3 am I was lying on bed (not meditating), I started feeling involuntary movements in my belly(this was happening from past 6-7 days BUT only when I was sitting in meditation) gradually it shifted to lower portion of body , and later involuntary movements started all over body some times in legs, sometimes in hand, shoulders…..and this continued for almost 2 hours. It was the Ist time . And then it started happening daily, not necessarily when I was in meditation, but any time (even when I used to be out of home , but there I controlled somehow)
      Now these movement have become very frequent , I live alone for studies (civil services) so usually I spend most of the time alone in my room only. And these days almost my entire day goes in these things . When I try to focus on book, movements get more prominent. These movements usually are in infinity shape and sometimes accupressure on face, belly, thighs, head, also happens.
      From past 5 days, I feel headache, specially pressure between eyebrows, and they go after 20-30 minutes meditation, as if they were a call for meditation. But when I sit now, body does not moves with that intensity with which it used to move earlier, movements are relatively slow. Eyes open and close on their own, pupils, move in infinity shape.And I have developed an inclination towards Gayatri Mantra, (I am an atheist), I deliberately chant these mantras during meditation, as they brings calmness and definiteness to the movements. From these 5 days involuntary actions mostly involve massaging and pressing forehead, especially point between eyebrows, joining hands as in prayer and bowing head.

      Please, guide me Sir, What should I do ?

      1. The two events, your meditation and the sensations that you are experiencing are independent phenomena. This is not to say that mediation does not have any physical implications, but not of the kind that you have described. It is far more likely that the sensation of discomfort/pain that you experience is because of stress induced by your preparation. I suggest that you concentrate on Pranayama to begin with especially “anulom vilom” pranayam every day. Also take a tablet of Brahmi twice in a day. Follow this for a month and then let me know.

    4. Hello Himanshu,

      I need assistance with the translation and exact meaning of the enclosed (modified), version of the Maha Mrityunjay Mantra. I have been asked to recite the same for my husbands wellbeing.

      OM tryambakam yajaamahe sughandhim pativedanam urvaa-ruk-miv bandhanaan mrityor-muksheey maamutah.

      I could find the translation for most words online, however I need help with the words
      1. Pativedanam
      2. maamutah

      In addition I would appreciate if I could be explained the contextual meaning of the entire mantra in this modified form.

      Thank you.

    5. Dear Sir,
      I would like to know how does one judge another in the most right way possible.
      This days everyone just jumps to a conclusion and judges a person very inappropriately.
      The same happens with me as Im a working employee and I get judged on basis of my academics when Im in an interview. My acads are not good because lets face it our education methodology is outdated but this doesnt mean that I cannot perform. On the contrary I have performed in my professional career and got recognized too.
      Why is that so ?
      Why cant people judge others on their credibility?
      I have experienced failure and have learned from it. This experience is very rich according to me and would be valuable to any organization or institution.
      Why do people in India dont think such ?
      Also dont you think its our systems fault of not helping us groom.
      What are your thoughts about this and how do you judge a person..? What has to be changed and how ?

      Thank you.

    6. With regards sir, sir I need to apprise you that I have applied to pgpb program in Misb for this year but due to somehow less score in ETS GRE exam admission committee at Misb respond me that these scores are less and I am not be considered for admission in Misb. But sir I need to tell you that I have two acceptance offers of MBA ie one is from Boston ( ranked under top 100 th universities of world according to US news ), and other is from Albama USA (ranked top 68th university according to US news), on the same GRE score and they have found something outstanding in my application regarding my statement of purpose , letter of recommendations, transcripts, and essays and found great above to my Low GRE score.
      Sir ,i just need to ask that why i am not being considered to pgpb program as these universities have very much rigorous programs than Misb.
      Sir , i just need to tell you that i am just lacking in finding the scholarship availability and funding sources to submit the fees and expenses in these universities and for this i am taking time to accept their offer letters.
      But sir i really want to study in Misb and able to perform as a valuable asset. Misb is my first choice of getting admission as i want to study in my home country.
      Sir please do tell me that why just because of Exam score my leadership skill and managerial activities and industrial experiences are not considered for this admission process.
      (Sir i can tell you the name of the above universities and their acceptance letter if i get valuable reply and admission acceptance in misb, just for your knowledge that i really have the acceptance letters.),

      sir i had sent this letter to dia khan of misb and she refers me that she will send this email to u as misb didnt provide me your email address for direct contact.please refer to this and suggest.

    7. Hi Sir,
      I am working with Coal India Ltd. as Manager(Excv.),. I have attended your class at IIML while I was there as a participant of MDP for Coal India Executives(28/07/14 to 08/08/14),. I am suffering from following problems which are making me mentally sick gradually-
      1),My daughter is a student of std.8 at Carmel Convent High School,Durgapur. She is intelligent,very good at science subjects but putting less efforts in studies.As the competition is high for iits and nits,also this is the high time to put sincere efforts for those studies. her lack in effort is irritating me a lot, often the evenings are ending with severe quarreling and mental agonies.Studies are getting disrupted . One day she tried to hit herself with a knife after I used few harsh words.But I cannot resist myself when I find that she is not studying up to the level required. Some peculiar sensation happens in my brain. This pain is getting intolerable . I must admit that she does not waste time in watching television except Maharana Pratap.But her performance in exams are suffering due to silly mistakes or due to over confidence or due to lack in studying text-books.Presently she is hiding her marks from us that she has got in class-tests . Pl. advise me what I should do now.
      2),My job is also telling upon my mental stability.The environment , culture,values in the work-place are the things which are in sharp contrast with those of mine. Everyday I find myself getting entangled in a strife either with my seniors or my work-men whenever I find anything wrong in them.Though I was more tolerant earlier. but I am failing to control myself now.This is also making my condition worse. My reputation as sincere, honest and sober officer is at stake. I need a change for my survival. I have come from a famly where most of the members are associated with teaching.It is also my passion.So I have done my M.Tech after my B.E(Mech), but could not find a suitable job in that profession.Now I am 44Yrs old and desperately seeking a chance to do Ph.D in management from either IIMs or any reputed Univ. of US , if I get a chance so that I can shift to the teaching profession in a reputed management institute. Pl. advise me whether I should go with this plan at this position.If I should go with this plan,then pl. give me tips for being successful in my
      mission.Also if your advise is negative, then what I should do now.
      3),I am very much weak in speaking english.My daughter is not very good in writing english essays or like things.Pl. give us tips for improvement as without these things it is not possible to get success in our aim.

      Waiting for your kind advise.

      With regards,


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