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Have any questions about management, philosophy, education, literature, yoga, mountaineering in India, or psychological issues or all of these?

Disclaimer:The responses in this column given by me are based on my learnings and experience. They should, by no means, be taken as a substitute for medical/professional help.

    1. Dear Sir,

      We are interested in conducting a one day workshop for senior officials of RBI, Kanpur at an off site location near Lucknow preferably Saturday in the month of April 2018.

      2. The target audience will be around 25-30 and will comprise of the senior functionaries of the Bank. The topic may comprise of conflict resolution, negotiation skills, team work and trust building.

      3. For details, please feel free to contact the undersigned at 9935177863 and 0512-2333266. Also please inform your contact details and convenient time when we can discuss the proposed event with you.

      Ashwani Dixit
      Manager (Personnel)
      RBI Kanpur

    2. Respected Sir,
      Greetings !
      I have heard a lot about your sessions from my mentors, Prof. Neelu Rohmetra and Prof. B .C. Sharma. Prof. Rohmetra has been my PhD supervisor. I wish to invite you for a workshop at our Institute in Delhi. sometime in the summer months in 2018 on dates suitable to you . RDIAS is a B School affiliated to GGSIPU, with a NAAC A+ accreditation.
      We would be privileged to have you over sir.

    3. Respected Sir
      I am working with an IIM in administrative position from last 5 year. Now my age is 40 and I am having Ph.D. degree from a Govt. state university. I am passionate about to become faculty in IIM or IIT. I have published three research paper in the International Journal.
      My communication is not so well. I have done Ph.D. in OB and HR area.
      Do I need to again enroll for FPM/EFPM from any IIM?
      Please suggest.
      Best regards

      1. You need not do another PhD but you need to get some very good publications under your belt. Publish in some top journals and/or seek postdoctoral opportunities in good institutions, and then apply to IIM/IITs. Work on your communication skills by reading and writing more; its just a matter of practice.

    4. I started meditation in April 2017, following vipassana technique of mindfulness. Initially duration was 5 minutes a day, but from 29th sept, 2017, I have increased it to 10 minutes. Earlier I coupled meditation with 30 minutes yoga practice . And from 26th Sept I practice surya namaskar(4-5 rounds) before meditation. From 18th oct 2017 I am experiencing unusual things which are as follows:
      I usually dont sleep at night because I dont feel like sleeping, so at 3 am I was lying on bed (not meditating), I started feeling involuntary movements in my belly(this was happening from past 6-7 days BUT only when I was sitting in meditation) gradually it shifted to lower portion of body , and later involuntary movements started all over body some times in legs, sometimes in hand, shoulders…..and this continued for almost 2 hours. It was the Ist time . And then it started happening daily, not necessarily when I was in meditation, but any time (even when I used to be out of home , but there I controlled somehow)
      Now these movement have become very frequent , I live alone for studies (civil services) so usually I spend most of the time alone in my room only. And these days almost my entire day goes in these things . When I try to focus on book, movements get more prominent. These movements usually are in infinity shape and sometimes accupressure on face, belly, thighs, head, also happens.
      From past 5 days, I feel headache, specially pressure between eyebrows, and they go after 20-30 minutes meditation, as if they were a call for meditation. But when I sit now, body does not moves with that intensity with which it used to move earlier, movements are relatively slow. Eyes open and close on their own, pupils, move in infinity shape.And I have developed an inclination towards Gayatri Mantra, (I am an atheist), I deliberately chant these mantras during meditation, as they brings calmness and definiteness to the movements. From these 5 days involuntary actions mostly involve massaging and pressing forehead, especially point between eyebrows, joining hands as in prayer and bowing head.

      Please, guide me Sir, What should I do ?

      1. The two events, your meditation and the sensations that you are experiencing are independent phenomena. This is not to say that mediation does not have any physical implications, but not of the kind that you have described. It is far more likely that the sensation of discomfort/pain that you experience is because of stress induced by your preparation. I suggest that you concentrate on Pranayama to begin with especially “anulom vilom” pranayam every day. Also take a tablet of Brahmi twice in a day. Follow this for a month and then let me know.

    5. sir,

      pl. accept my heartiest respect and have taught me in the mdp for coal india executives(28/07/14 to 8/8/14),.i am 44yrs old.i am a graduate in mech. engg. and a post-graduate in prod. and design.i am considering to pursue ph.d in management from any of the iims or US universities if get a suggest me should i proceed with this?teaching is my passion.



      1. Thank you very much for the kind words. It was indeed my pleasure to have facilitated your learning. If you are passionate about teaching you must indeed go for a doctoral program.

        The Fellow Program of IIMs are respected across the world and FPM is not just just accepted, but rather preferred by the premier institutes in India. Also, FPM from IIMs is received well by universities abroad for Hiring as faculty, Post Doctoral program both directly and through a scholarship program, say Fulbright. The admission process for the FPM are detailed in the individual website of the different IIMs. For most, you will need to have a valid CAT or GMAT score.

        If you have figured out a tentative topic of research I can help you with identifying the universities in US that you may want to target.

    6. Dear Sir,

      In many of your posts, you have suggested to take Ashwagandha Choorna with milk. I got motivated by your posts and got it, but after few days I had to leave it as the taste was so pathetic. 😛

      I am wondering if I had taken wrong Ashwagandha Choorna or its taste is usually very bad.

      And thanks for the awesome motivation that you provide through this post.

      Your ex-student

      1. Well. I guess the taste takes a little getting used to :-), As an alternative you can take tablets of Ashwagandha as per the prescribed numbers given on the box.

    7. Hi
      Sir I am pursuing CA internship in Grant Thornton. Ive to give my CA final exams in May 16, for that Ive to start preparations. But studies are being hampered due to workload in office. Moreover not able to concentrate, whenever I start studying, mind starts rambling between anxieties and tensions that if I wont be able to clear my CA Final exam then what will happen!!
      Sir please suggest some good tips so that I can control this rambling between distractions and how to manage work load with studies!!

      1. I suggest the following techniques to manage your time efficiently:

        Organize your activities in the following pecking order: Important and Urgent; Important but not Urgent; Urgent but not Important; Not Urgent and not Important.

        Use a calendar daily, weekly, or monthly. Use your calendar to write down all of your upcoming MEETINGS, assignments and activities, Look at the calendar for the month to see how busy you will be each week, and study in advance if you have several projects or activities during the same week.

        Follow a routine each day or week; nothing works better than a well oiled routine.

        Follow your natural time clock. Are you a morning, afternoon or evening person? Plan accordingly.

        To avoid distractions:

        Set aside a certain place for working.

        Reduce the distractions where you work by ensuring that the place is free from noise or ambient activity.

        Don’t eat or watch TV while working

        Establish certain times to work & stick to the times, create a routine

        Let others know you are working & don’t want to be disturbed

        Avoid the following: Making Excuses; Perfectionism; Indecisiveness; Negative Emotions; Excessive Tension; Insecurity; Poor Goal Setting; Procrastination

        Chant the following mantra every night before you sleep, and just after waking up in the morning:

        Om Yajjagrito doormudaiti daivam tadu suptasya tathaivaiti; dooramgamam jyotishaam jyotirekam tanme manah shiv sankalpamastu

    8. Hello sir
      I m very much worried bout my studies and my life. I am preparing for Civil Services 2015 and am highly distracted all the time. I have completed 30 yrs this august. I got married in Jan 2013. The same year in month of June, my in-laws sent me to Delhi for preparation. I was all alone in Delhi in girls hostel. I was feeling very much absence of my husband coz I love him too much. The same year in October I got pregnant due to precautionary measure failure. My husband wanted abortion as he is very concerned about my studies. But my in-laws insisted not to abort as this was the first child. So I myself had taken care of me during whole pregnancy in hostel. Now this year in July my child has taken birth, but this time they forcibly sent me to Delhi for preparation keeping the child to themselves. My husband and my sister in law are only issues of my parent in laws. My sister in law is very much dominating; handles all the economic issues and major decisions of family. She is unmarried and 6 months younger than me. She is well versed in making big issues out of minute things. Since marriage I have been scolded by her many times. For my mother in law, she is always right…
      I think of all these issues all the time, miss my baby like anything; also feel high sex drive…all these things are diverting me badly from my goal what should I do as I have been warned that this time I have to crack the civil…
      Please help me sir…

      1. Do not let anyone tell you what you should do with your life and your child. It is ironical that on the one hand, you are preparing to be a Civil servant who will make decisions for the future of the country, and on the other hand you are being coerced into decisions. You need to see this and you need to remedy this. You must learn to be assertive, communicate their needs firmly, and learn to say no to things you do not wish to do. Ask yourself, Is it possible for me to please everyone all the time, and can I achieve that? If the answer is no, then stand up for what you believe in!

        It is clear that this is bothering you from deep inside, at a subliminal level, and you are in a dilemma over these choices that you have to make in your life. First you need to sort out these issues in your head. Reflect and explore inside your own mind; alternatively talk to someone who you can trust (usually friends are not the best people to talk to on these issues for they would end up giving you advice according to their convictions), to give you an objective analysis of your state of mind and help you sort them out. Prioritize things in your life.

        Eat healthy, sleep well and counter the multiplicity of conflicting thoughts with Dhruv Asana and, Bhramari and Onkar pranayaams.

        You may wish to chant the following mantra every night before you sleep:
        Om yajjagrito doormudaiti daivam tadu suptasya tathaivaiti
        Dooram gaman jyotishaam jyotirekam tanme manah shiv sankalpam astu

        To reduce anxiety, take Ashwagandha Choorna-half teaspoon with warm milk before sleeping.

    9. Dear Himanshuji,

      I very much follow your blogs. I want to know your opinion about the ROTHSCHILDS.

      Can you suggest me where i can get enrolled for doing Ph.D on Mahabharatha and its relevance to present society (still i myself am not clear about it),. can you please guide me in this regard.
      thank you

      1. I am not too sure as to what you really wish to know from me regarding Rothschild. The details of their history and business are available on the internet. If you are looking for my opinion on the conspiracy theories surrounding the family, then I am afraid I have none to give! I am not much of a fan of conspiracy theories, and wouldnt like to speculate on this one either.
        You could do a PhD on any aspect of Mahabharata that interests you, by enrolling yourself into a PhD program of a University. If you could give me some more details on your background and place of stay I would be able to give you more specific suggestions.

    10. Dear Sir
      I am pursuing my PhD (already completed 4.5 years),.I had joined the program by taking study leave from my parent Institute.The PhD problem defined was difficult.Now I am in a dead end.Feeling very depressed.
      I feel partly I am responsible for trying to be perfectionist and partly my supervisor is responsible as one of his previous bright student had faced the same difficulty and switched over to a new area. In-spite of that he assigned me the same problem. I am planning to take a co-guide and work in a different area.But I cant leave the old area where I worked so hard. Please advise me how to over come this difficult situation.

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